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A unique talent program in cooperation with Talent Norway and Sparebankstiftelsen Hedmark
The talent program FILMTALENT INNLANDET invites unique talents to further develop their talent within film- and tv-production, focusing on content for kids.
is a unique project for top talents within film-and tv-production, facilitated by one of the largest independant production companies in Norway. 
Martha Antonette Solli (Director/Scriptwriter)
Johan Granerud (Director/Scriptwriter)
Oddmund Rabben (Production designer)
Lillian Løvseth (Producer)
Key words: 
Project period: 2020/2021 
Workshops with mentors and experts
Attendance at festivals
(national and international)
Project development up to pitch
With and at Fabelaktiv, Hamar
Our goal is to nurture our talents into the concept of target audience thinking and guide through a world of an enormous amount of projects.
The talents will team up, create and develop ideas, and work these ideas towards pitch. There will be workshops and a mentor program.
Attendance at relevant national and international festivals will be offered. 
Energikampen 2009 juvet_emmy.png
(More info to come)
To all you great talents out there: Thank you so much for your interest and applications.
We wish you all the best and good luck with the work ahead of you to reach your goals! 
About Talent Norway: 

Talent Norway gives outstanding artistic talents opportunities to realize their full potential. We bring together forces from cultural life and private contributors for talent initiatives that cultivate the best talents, and make sure their individuality and distinctiveness are protected and cherished.  


Talent Norway strengthens the framework for talent development in arts and culture. We facilitate for leading institutions and organizations on talent development, support high artistic talent programs and create lasting relationships and networks for knowledge sharing and exchange of experience. 


Talent Norway has created a framework that invites and facilitates private contributions. Thorough quality assessments and systematic follow-up of the projects assure confidence that their contributions go to high-level initiatives and to the benefit of the talents.

About Sparebankstiftelsen Hedmark: 
Sparebankstiftelsen Hedmark is a financial foundation which manages the wealth built up by former Sparebanken Hedmark through 175 years of banking business in the county. The Foundation is the largest owner of Sparebank 1 Østlandet. They contribute to the development of the Bank and ensure that significant financial assets are given back to the community and the population of Hedmark.
Since 2017, the Foundation has given significant gifts to sports, outdoor life, culture, education, business Development and humanitarian work in Hedmark. 
The Foundation's slogan is
Want to see some examples of our productions?
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